Therapy dogs help child with autism

Kadin, who was diagnosed with autism, struggled to communicate, would often have breakdowns and had trouble paying attention during his therapy sessions at Children’s. That’s where Sasha came in.
Sasha is one of our therapy dogs in our Pets Assisting With Healing program. At the suggestion of Nicole Linstrom, Kadin’s occupational therapist, Sasha began attending Kadin’s therapy sessions. Kadin immediately bonded with Sasha, and having her there helped him pay more attention during his sessions.

Therapy dogs worked so well for Kadin that his family even adopted a therapy dog of their own, Truman, from Can Do Canines.

Our Pets Assisting With Healing volunteers help patients with development and rehabilitation and brighten their stay in the hospital.

Learn more about our Pets Assisting With Healing program, and see Sasha and others in action working with patients here:

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