The sculptors behind our Healing Garden pieces

Outside of the entryway of the Children’s Specialty Center on the corner of Chicago Avenue and 26th Street is a healing garden open to the public. Dan and Lee Ross have designed a family of animals created out of Minnesota granite as part of our Arts & Healing and Urban Renewal Project. There is the snowshoe hare “Listen,” the owl “NightWatch,” the otter “Play,” the black bear and cub “Comfort” and the lynx “Wild side.” The forms are smooth and rounded like large beach stones with textured areas inviting children and adults to touch, hug, play and interact. The animals are there day and night, in good and bad weather like trusted friends.

About the Artists
Dan and Lee Ross reside in Hovland, Minnesota. According to the Ross’, some of their most uplifting and rewarding sculpting experiences have centered on helping people through the healing process. They specialize in using ancient materials to create modern stone and ceramic sculptures, and frequently find inspiration for their work in the northern forests of Minnesota and the calming waters of Lake Superior. The Ross’ studied at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls and St. Cloud State University. See photos of each of the sculptures.

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