Some kids’ cereals have more sugar than Twinkies


Did you know some cereals have more sugar per serving than a Twinkie?

Dr. Nicole Omann, a pediatrician at Children’s, spoke on KSTP this weekend about the importance of watching your child’s weight, and the shocking amounts of sugar found in some cereals.

Two studies about kids’ health were released last week. The first study revealed that not enough doctors are telling parents their children are overweight. The Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine surveyed 4,985 parents of children ages 2 to 15 who had a body mass index in the 85th percentile or higher, asking them if they had ever been told by a physician or health professional that their child was overweight. Only 22.4 percent of parents reported they had.

Your child’s weight is something you should monitor closely year-round, Dr. Omann said, not just during annual check-ups.

As for the cereal, Dr. Omann urges parents to have breakfast options like oatmeal, fruits and eggs for their kids instead of sugary cereals. The Environmental Group study listed the best and worst cereals for kids, with Kellogg’s Honey Smacks and Post Golden Crisp topping the list of worst cereals for kids. Read the full report on the sugar in children’s cereals.


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