12 tips to help keep kids safe this summer

Children’s has one of the busiest pediatric emergency programs in the country, with more than 80,000 visits last year. We love kids here at Children’s, but we’d rather see them safe at home. With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, we compiled a list of basic tips, with help from our injury prevention experts, to keep kids safe all summer long. Together, we can make safe simple.

For more  safety tips, please visit our Making Safe Simple website.

Sun and heat

1. On hot days, make sure kids drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

2. Make sure kids are covered. Apply one ounce of sunscreen to the entire body 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every two hours, or immediately after sweating heavily.

3. When heat and humidity are high, reduce the level of intensity of activities.


4. Kids should wear life jackets at all times when they’re on boats or near bodies of water.

5. Never leave kids alone in or near the pool or open water. In open water, kids should swim with a buddy.


6. Don’t allow kids under the age of 12 to use sparklers without close adult supervision. Don’t allow them to wave a sparkler or run while holding a sparkler.


7. Always watch kids on a playground. Make sure the equipment is age appropriate and surfaces underneath are soft enough to absorb falls.

Lawn mowers

8. Kids under the age of 16 shouldn’t be allowed to use ride-on mowers and those under the age of 12 shouldn’t use walk-behind mowers.

Wheel-sport safety

9. Make it a rule — wear a helmet every time you ride a bike, skateboard, scooter or use in-line skates. Skateboarders and scooter-riders should wear additional protective gear.


10. Every rider should take a hands-on rider safety course.

11. All kids should ride size-appropriate ATVs.

12. All riders should wear full protective gear including a helmet, chest protector, gloves, and shin guards.

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