A Hero’s Journey: Discover your inner hero

This is a guest post by Daniela, a member of  Children’s Youth Advisory Council. 

As part of the Youth Advisory Council at Children’s, we get to let the staff know what kids really think about things. Recently, I got the chance to check out the A Hero’s Journey workshop to see what it was like. It was really fun!

It’s a project the Guthrie Theater is doing at Children’s to explore that whole idea of being a hero. Most people think of heroes being someone like Iron Man, but all of us have our own hero moments! When you stand up for someone or learn something new, your words and actions make you your own kind of superhero.

We got to play theater games and act out stories. Each person had a role and a line. That was a ton of fun! I really liked meeting new friends. The Guthrie teaching artists were so nice, caring and comfortable to be around.

If you like storytelling or acting, this would definitely be the thing for you!

A Hero’s Journey workshops are open to children and teens ages 8 to 14. The workshops are held one Saturday each month, with a morning and afternoon workshop that lasts two-and-a-half hours. Patients with chronic conditions, repeated hospitalizations or appointments, and those who have been hospitalized for at least three days are prime candidates. Children may be patients at any of Children’s locations, including outpatient clinics and our main hospitals.

Call the Child Life Department at 612-813-6259 for more information and to register. Children’s and the Guthrie are excited to help patients discover their inner hero!

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