Making safe simple booth visit helps prevent at-home emergency

For the past two years, we’ve taken our Making safe simple program to the Minnesota State Fair. For 12 days from dawn until after dusk, we educate fairgoers on ATV, bike, car seat, and household safety.

Our goal is to help families prevent injuries and, in the case of an emergency, how to best respond. We hope no family experiences an emergency. But reality tells us it will and does happen.

Each year, 5,000 children die and another six million are hurt because of unintentional injuries. One in four kids is hurt seriously enough to need medical attention. We believe that, together, we can make safe simple.

That became even more apparent after the fair when we received the following email from Sarah who had visited our Making safe simple booth. Hours within visiting the fair, her family had taken our advice and put it into action to prevent an emergency from escalating. Here’s her story:

THANK YOU for the great, life-saving, or at least, garage-saving safety information your team provided at the Fair. My family and I visited your booth today and took your safety quiz this year. We’ve gone in the past and had fun, but this year it was extra helpful.

I got a “hard” question in the Plinko area and was asked about how to operate a fire extinguisher. I had to think about it a bit, but came up with a passable answer. The volunteer then taught us the PASS acronym about pulling the pin, aiming, squeezing the trigger and sweeping back and forth.

Not eight hours later, I looked out the back window of our kitchen and saw our grill on fire, flames all over the front. My husband and I jumped to our feet, grabbed the extinguisher and knew EXACTLY what to do. The fire was put out safely in just a few seconds—before the flames could jump to the adjacent tree, our garage, fence or the neighbor’s house. Whew!

Please pass my heartfelt thanks along to your wonderful team of fair volunteers. The information they provided helped us calmly and effectively deal with a household emergency—before it became a real emergency. We are all safe and sound tonight because of your help!

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your story.


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