Five Question Friday: Angie Norvitch

Meet Angie Norvitch, who works in our marketing and communications department as an interactive designer.

Angie NorvitchWhat drew you to Children’s? I have always wanted to work in health care, but as a web designer, I didn’t really know how that would ever look in my career path. When a friend encouraged me to pursue the position here, I knew it’s where I was supposed to be.

What is a typical day like for you? Some days I get to spend lots of time at my desk thinking creatively and working on a multitude of fun projects. Other days I might be spending most of my time in meetings collaborating with others on projects. Really, no day is typical for me, but that’s fun for me, I enjoy the change from day to day.

What’s your favorite font? Proxima Nova. It’s just simple and pretty.

What has been your best day at Children’s? I’ve had quite a few days that have been favorites, like guest appearing on Star Studio, making smoothies with the Youth Advisory Council members, and the Andrew Zimmern visit. But the day that stands out most to me was when I accompanied a patient and his family to the Vikings draft party. He got VIP treatment and it was so fun to get to see him light up and his day absolutely made.

We know you’re a huge sports fan. Who’s your favorite athlete and why? It’s pretty well known I love baseball the most. My favorite current Twins players are Brian Dozier and Joe Mauer. Favorite former Twins player: Torii Hunter. All three of them are very respectable role models and talented ball players.  But, my absolute favorite athlete is Tim Tebow. His life story is just really inspiring and he just seems like a very genuine and humble guy.

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