Hearts of thanks: A note to the epilepsy unit at Children’s – St. Paul

Children’s Family Advisory Council has designated this week as Hearts of Thanks week as a way to say thank you and recognize all Children’s staff for the difference they make to them during their experiences in our hospitals and clinics. This week we’ll share some of the letters and stories from families about how our staff has been there to lend a helping a hand, a shoulder to cry on or an encouraging word during some of the most difficult times in their lives. On behalf of the Family Advisory Council, thank you to all of our team members for all you do to brighten the days, and the lives, of our patient families.

We choose Children’s for the mix of services we can utilize for our son with multiple health care needs. This week, I want to say thank you to the nurses in the Epilepsy Unit. Sam has been inpatient for several different rounds of testing and to start the Ketogenic diet. As we started the diet, there was a steep learning curve for us as Sam’s chefs.  Our nurse, Pat, took extra time to sit and answer questions, to share ideas about what other families had done, helped us prep the food, and then watched while we learned how to do it on our own. She made sure we were ready to handle the transition from full support in the hospital to independent management at home. It wasn’t a dramatic moment, but it was at a period of time when so much was changing for Sam in terms of medications, he was having frequent trouble with pneumonia, and his overall health status was deteriorating. I felt overwhelmed and adding in more new requirements to Sam’s care regimen was daunting. The support from the nurses, and Pat in particular, made that transition easier and empowered me to feel more confident about continuing to care for Sam at home. Thank you for caring when we needed your help and supporting us when we were learning something new.

I also want to say thank you to the many people who smiled at us, greeted us, asked if we needed help, or gave us directions along the way. Many of you were housekeeping staff, maintenance staff, or in other non-medical positions. I want you to know your kindness is appreciated in addition to the hard work you put into making sure the needs of patients and families are being met.

Thank you for your commitment to kids, for your kindness, and for sharing your time and expertise to care for my son.

–Stacey Jenkins

Do you have a Children’s employee or team you’d like to thank? Share your message in the comments.

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