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Frustrations with healthcare reform

From my perspective, it has been a frustrating few weeks.

The number one reason for my frustration is the country’s lack of courage in doing anything about healthcare reform. Now, I’ll point out to you that I’m a bleeding heart liberal. At the same time one of my hobbies, my main hobby in fact, is studying American presidential history. Knowing it as I do, I don’t get as upset when there is partisanship and infighting in Congress. Having the perspective that when the country is ready for things, it does take action.  Unfortunately, it’s usually crises that make us take action, whether it was the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, Kennedy being assassinated leading to Lyndon Johnson being able to create a lot of reform, Katrina, and of course 9/11.

I don’t know what it will take to get the country to realize what a catastrophe we have right now without healthcare reform.

For 17% of the gross domestic product it continues to rise by a quarter percent per year.  It will make our country absolutely noncompetitive in the world market. What’s frustrating is, one party tries to do one thing and the other just opposes it regardless or one party declares “let’s start from scratch,” when we all know that the lobbyists for the insurance companies and those who benefit by keeping the status quo do everything in their power to keep it as-is.  This is done regardless of the fact that we all know how much waste there is in healthcare and how our total outcomes compared to other developed countries is only average. Continue reading