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Trich Prep; Wet Prep for Trichomonas vaginalis

CPT Codes:

87210 – Smear, primary source with interpretation; wet mount for infectious agents

Test Includes:

Direct microscopic examination of specimen for motile trichomonads, exam for clue cells, yeast and WBC’s.


Lab Testing Sections:


Phone Numbers:

MIN Lab: 612-813-5866

STP Lab: 651-220-6555

Test Availability:

Daily, 24 hours

Turnaround Time:

1 hour

Special Instructions:

Specimen site and date/time of collection are required for specimen processing.


Specimen Type:

Vaginal or urethral discharges, prostatic fluid


Culturette Swab


Urogenital: penile, urethral, or vaginal

1. Collect discharge material with culturette swab.


On site collections: Transport culturette swab to the Microbiology lab as soon as possible after collection at room temperature.

Offsite collections:
Call a stat courier, send at room temperature.
Do not refrigerate. Refrigeration inhibits the motility of Trichomonas.
● Specimens must be processed within 1 hour of collection.

Sample Rejection:

Refrigerated Specimen; specimen not submitted in appropriate transport container; improperly labeled specimen; insufficient volume; external contamination. If an unacceptable specimen is received, the physician or nursing station will be notified and another specimen will be requested before the specimen is discarded.


Reference Range:

No motile Trichomonas seen


False negative results occur in approximately 40% of women with trichomoniasis.


Wet mount


Shimizu, Robyn Y (2010) Parasitology Section, Urogenital Specimens: Direct Saline Mount, section 9.6.6, in L. Garcia (ed) Clinical Microbiology Procedures Handbook, American Society of Microbiology, Washington DC

Miller, J Michael (1999) A Guide To Specimen Management in Clinical Microbiology, American Society for Microbiology, Washington DC

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3/9/2011: Sterile saline tubes and Amies transport are no longer required containers for this testing.
1/13/2014: Add offsite collection instructions.
7/9/2014: Added specimen processing for offsite collections.

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