Paid Time Off (PTO) Giving Option Instructions and Basic Calculations.

Use the calculator below if you know the total number of accrued PTO hours you wish to contribute and would like to calculate your after- tax dollar pledge, OR if you know the after-tax gift you wish to make, and would like to calculate the equivalent number of accrued PTO hours.

These values are an estimate only, as PTO values are unique to each employee and his/her benefit selections and tax circumstances. The exact value of your gift will be calculated by the payroll department.

  PTO Hours to Dollars   Dollars to PTO Hours
Number of PTO Hours
you wish to contribute:
After tax pledge you
wish to contribute:
Your Hourly Rate of Pay: Your Hourly Rate of Pay:
$ $
Resulting after-tax
Resulting PTO hours
  $   Hours PTO

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