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The DAISY Award: Four nurses, four inspiring stories of care and compassion

Nancy Gudim, Bobi Jo Peterson, Julie Ross, and Tina Welle recently received DAISY awards, honoring their exemplary care and compassion. Nominated by colleagues and families, their stories illustrate how courage, kindness, and teamwork come together to make a difference for families.


The mother of a patient nominated Nancy Gudim for her award. Her nomination read, in part, “[Nancy] made our 16-day stay at Children’s a little easier to handle… Her family-centered team approach and knowledge of resources and options were vast. Her willingness to suggest options with the team, and then have the knowledge and experience to explain it to us was so greatly appreciated. It was always a relief to have her as our son’s nurse — we knew he would be treated as her own… Because of Nancy and the rest of the staff, we will highly recommend Children’s Hospital.”

Nancy Gudim, RN
4th Floor, Med/Surg,
St. Paul



Julie Ross received the DAISY Award for making a difficult situation more positive. Nominated by her clinical educator, Julie showed extraordinary compassion for a baby and his family: “The family made the decision to withdraw life support for their newborn son. Julie talked with the family about what things were important to them and what they would like to do before life support was withdrawn. The dad talked about his dream of taking his son to a game. So Julie contacted staff from family resources and the Geek Squad. Arrangements were made and the Geek Squad was able to get a TV in the baby’s room and set it up so they could watch the Timberwolves game. The mom was very eager to give her son his first bath. Julie got everything needed so the parents could give him a bath in a bathtub. Julie showed remarkable care and compassion, working with the family so their needs were met.”

Julie Ross, RN
NICU, Minneapolis



Bobi Jo Peterson was nominated by the mother of one of her patients in the neonatal intensive care unit: “Due to work commitments, I had to arrive to the NICU by 5 am and leave by 6 am every day during the work week. Bobi Jo was always ready for my early arrival and did seemingly small things like find the best chair for nursing in, getting water for me, getting the best phlebotomist to draw my daughter's labs, etc. She was also a listening ear at a very chaotic time in my family's life. In addition, she provided excellent care to my daughter and always seemed to know when my daughter's clinical course seemed to be changing or if Julia had unusual symptoms. I will never forget the care that she provided my daughter, as well as the care she provided my family in general.”

Bobi Jo Peterson, RN
NICU, St. Paul



Tina Welle’s nomination came from a family that has had a lot of experience in hospitals, but recently had their first encounter at Children’s. Their nomination read, in part, “Our daughter has been in and out of the hospital for 25 years… If every hospital had nurses like Tina Welle, families’ experiences would be so much better.”

Tina Welle, RN
4th Floor Med/Surg,
St. Paul


As part of their recognition, each nurse received the hand-carved “Healer’s Touch” sculpture, along with a special DAISY pin. The DAISY Foundation also supplied treats from Cinnabon to share with colleagues on the unit in celebration of the entire team.

About the DAISY award
The DAISY Award was initiated by the DAISY Foundation in 1999 in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. Patrick died at the age of 33 from complications of ITP, an autoimmune disease. The care Patrick and his family received from nurses while he was ill inspired this unique way of thanking nurses for making a profound difference in the lives of patients and families.

How to nominate a nurse

Families and co-workers are encouraged to make nominations. Nomination forms can be found on patient care units and on the Nurse Web. We encourage you to nominate a nurse who shows compassionate care and extraordinary clinical skills with their patients for this national award.

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