Children’s of Minnesota provides broad benefits to the communities we serve

As a charitable organization, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota provides a broad spectrum of benefits to the communities it serves. These services and donations account for a measurable portion of the hospital’s costs and help to promote healthy lifestyles, community development, health education, and affordable access to care. In 2008, Children’s of Minnesota invested $53.4 million toward the health and well being of children in its service area.

Community health service costs
In 2008, Children’s of Minnesota provided more than $8 million in community health services carried out for the express purpose of improving the health status of children in the community.

These include programs such as free clinics, health screenings, support counseling for patients and families, crisis intervention, disaster readiness and the cost of providing community health partnerships and education. Subsidized health services represent patient care services needed by the community that would otherwise be unavailable or insufficient to meet patient demand.

Examples at Children’s of Minnesota include the McNeeley Pediatric Diabetes Center; child psychology services, in-home caregiver services, Roosevelt’s Health Career Program and Midwest Children’s Resource Center - MCRC (child abuse center).

In 2008, Midwest Children’s Resource Center (MCRC) saw approximately 1,200 children; 62% for sexual abuse, 30% for physical abuse, and 8% other (including witness to violence, failure to thrive and neglect).  MCRC has provided training for over 1,000 victim service providers. 

The Midwest Regional Child Advocacy Center (housed within MCRC) and the National Children’s Alliance has initiated a telemedicine program—Telehealth Institute for Child Maltreatment.  TeleHealth is a service to make child sexual abuse expertise available to all Child Advocacy Center medical providers throughout the United States regardless of location, through advanced training and mentoring by nationally recognized expert peer reviewers, including MCRC medical director, Carolyn Levitt, MD, and associate medical director, Rich Kaplan, MD. Dr. Kaplan is the director of this project. 

Portico Healthnet
Children’s is one of the local hospitals and health plans in the Twin Cities that advises Portico Healthnet on issues related to program services and provides funding for medical services to participants. Portico Healthnet, a nonprofit health and human services organization, serves the community by assisting children, parents, and individuals who are uninsured with applications to health care programs and by offering a primary and preventive health care access program for people ineligible for public programs. Since 1995, 8,000 uninsured children and adults have enrolled in Portico’s safety-net coverage program, and another 8,000 have been enrolled in public coverage programs with assistance from Portico Healthnet.

Education and research costs
Children’s provides education and training programs for providers, health care students, and other health professionals. In 2008, Children’s of Minnesota invested $1 million for education and research in addition to any reimbursement and philanthropic support.

Cash and in-kind donations
Children’s donates funds and in-kind services to other not-for-profit organizations. In 2008, Children’s of Minnesota contribute $1.4 million to health-related and other organizations such as Roosevelt High School and The Phillips Partnership.

Roosevelt High School
For more than 10 years Roosevelt’s Health Careers Program has given students an opportunity to explore health care careers at Children’s. Students help transport patients, deliver flowers, and work in offices and the gift shop. Children’s helps fund the program and provides strategic planning, participates in student career fairs as well as encourages student involvement through job shadowing, summer employment and volunteer opportunities. Children’s leadership staff serves on the Health Careers Program Professional Advisory Board. Children’s also helps connect Roosevelt’s Health Careers Program with other community partners: Minneapolis Career and Technical Education Consortium, Health Careers Partnership/Project For Pride in Living, Health Force Minnesota, Step-Up Program, Page Foundation and more.

The Phillips (Neighborhood) Partnership
Children’s – Minneapolis is located in the Phillips Neighborhood. For 12 years, Children’s has been actively involved in and invested in the The Phillips Partnership. Since 1997, The Phillips Partnership has leveraged and guided institutional investment to improve the long-term livability of the Phillips neighborhood. In 2008, Children’s made a significant financial commitment to the Phillips Partnership Housing Stabilization Initiative, a program to subsidize homeowners for home improvements and down payment assistance.