Innovation and partnerships vision statement

We are the team that will enable great ideas to have a chance at success, no matter where they come from. We will do this through a process which aligns ideas with strategy and provides the ability to quickly test key assumptions. We will be an innovation program focused on learning quickly, playing well with others, & building things that are transformative for our hospital and beyond.

The 3 goals within Children's Innovation & Partnerships department are: 

  • Transform care delivery
  • Transform care experience
  • Create an internal culture of innovation 

Looking at partners in a new light 

  • Makers: Entrepreneurs, technologists, manufacturers
  • Funders: Investors, revenue partners
  • Thinkers: Health gurus, clinicians, business leaders, innovators

Partnerships bring value to us via best ideas, thought leadership and revenue opportunities. They bring value to our partners via access to real-world pilots, measurement and access. 

Innovation focus

We are focusing our innovation in four areas: 

  • mHealth
  • Informatics
  • Patient focused experience
  • Hospital workflow process 

Internal advisory council

Our internal innovation advisory council brings together people from different areas to help navigate the innovation process. We have members from strategy, clinical, IT, HR, marketing, and finance. Together we assure the innovation work is meeting hospital standards and pushing the envelope to grow Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. 

External advisory council

Our external advisory council consists of business and industry leaders outside of Children's. We utilize their expertise to help us connect with the right partners, understand opportunities and see the big picture. Meet our external advisory council: 

anderson KC karen cierzan frankenfield
Scott Anderson
Vice President Mobility - Best Buy Company 
Kunjorn Chambundabongse (KC)
Vice President, Innovation and R&D - UnitedHealth Group 
Karen Cierzan
VP of Behavioral Operations - Cigna 
Greg Frankenfield
CEO - Magenic
gill hulander photo unavailable tarrago
Scott Gill
CEO - Milestone AV Systems
Kurt Hulander
Director of Health Innovation, Product Management - Blue Cross Blue Shield
Bill Pullman
Chief Scientific Officer - Upsher-Smith Laboratories 
Dr. Rod Tarrago
Chief Medical Information Officer - Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Kathy Tune
Partner - Thomas, McNerney & Partners

How you can help

Have an idea, solution or new technology that you think could benefit Children's? Contact us to talk further. 

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Sr. Director Innovations and Partnerships 
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Project Manager Innovations and Partnerships