Our Services

Research and Sponsored Programs provided Children’s investigators with a wide range of services and expert consultations to support the entire spectrum of clinical research.

RSP is also committed to encouraging new investigators and to assisting them in developing their research skills. These services can be tailored specifically to young investigators to give them the opportunity to conduct a research project, to develop and strengthen their skills, and to obtain funding.

Biostatistical support

Support from our Design and Analytics team who can help with
  • database development
  • statistical design, analysis
  • data analysis and interpretation of results
  • manuscript and grant preparation
  • statistical aspects of study design

Clinical data access and consulting

  • Access to clinical data from the electronic health records and support in extracting and managing that data
  • How to design databases and workflow to support studies
  • Assistance with actual programming of a variety of databases
  • REDCap database development

Clinical research support staff

The RSP team supports your study by providing research support staff All Research staff hires are initiated through Research and Sponsored Programs and are dependent upon the hours required, work to be completed and skill level needed.

Community-engaged research

  • proposal development, study design
  • finding funding source
  • finding & developing community research partnerships
  • establishing an evaluation plan
  • addressing recruitment, retention & logistical issues

Contracts and subcontracts

  • budget Development
  • award Review and contracts management
  • subcontract preparation and negotiation

Clinical trials

  • budget development and negotiation
  • confidential and Non disclosure agreements
  • contracts and subcontracts
  • assistance with accessing clinicaltrials.org
  • clinical trial quality review

Finding funding

  • grant funding search
  • funding search for industry-wide initiatives
  • development of funding calendars and strategies
  • RSP Newsletter and research group emails
  • workshops and presentations
  • collaboration with Children’s Foundation private foundation search

Grant development and submission

  • program or research plan development
  • sponsor guidelines and past funding analysis
  • budget development, integrating sustainability
  • proposal planning and writing
  • logic model development
  • evaluator, statistician and expert engagement
  • research compliance, such as the IRB process
  • electronic grant portals
  • proposal submission

Scientific writing

  • scientific writing coaching
  • manuscripts, grant and website content assistance
  • grant Writing
  • website content
  • presentation development

Study design and implementation

  • choosing type of study (case-control, cohort, trial, etc)
  • sampling strategy, selection of controls
  • measurement, quality control
  • randomization and blinding schemes
  • recruitment, retention, and logistical issues
  • implementation of both observational studies and clinical trials