Our Team


Children’s Research and Sponsored Programs Team

Children’s clinical investigators are supported by a robust research department. Our team is inspired by the children and families we serve and the researchers who are committed to finding answers. Our investigators and research staff seek knowledge through research that will benefit children for generations to come.

Research Administration

  • Camerone Bey, MA, MPA - Director, research and sponsored programs
  • Andrew Flood, PhD - Career scientist
  • Yi Lu (Rachel), MS - Health services researcher
  • Nathaniel R. Payne, MD, MHSA - Medical director, quality and safety and research
  • Angela Plaisance, BA - Grants and contracts specialist
  • Erica Swift, MSHS, CCRP - Grants and contracts specialist

Cardiovascular and Critical Care Research Center

  • Angela Doucette, BA - Clinical Research Associate
  • Alison Overman, BA - Clinical research associate I
  • Erin Zielinski, CCRP - Clinical research coordinator

Cystic Fibrosis

  • Andrea Gruber, BS - Clinical research associate I
  • Mahrya Johnson, BA, CCRP - Sr. clinical research coordinator (also supports diabetes/endocrinology and genetics)

Diabetes and Endocrinology Research

  • Christine Benoit, BA - Clinical research coordinator


  • Lisa Read, MPH, CCRP - Clinical research coordinator
  • Molly Barrett, BS - Clinical research associate I

Grant Accounting

  • Joy Berens - Associate accountant
  • Melissa Ketter - Accountant
  • Natalie Ruiz - Senior accountant
  • Lou Urban - Grant accounting manager

Hematology/Oncology Research

  • Ann Blake - Administrative assistant
  • Anastasia Brown - Clinical research associate I
  • Stacy Doering - Clinical research associate I
  • Maggie Haltvick - Clinical research associate I
  • Anne Harris - Clinical research coordinator
  • Nicole Hart, MS RN - Clinical research coordinator
  • Jennifer Lee, BS, CCRP - IRB and research support coordinator
  • Ann Logelin - Clinical research associate I
  • Courtney McClenachan - Clinical research associate I
  • Pauline Mitby, MPH - Sr. clinical research coordinator
  • Lezlie Rabine, RHIA - Clinical research associate I
  • Ashley Schultz - Clinical research associate I
  • Chris Sigstad - Clinical research associate II
  • Mary Lamers Tkach - Clinical research associate I
  • Gretchen Williams, BS, CCRP - Clinical research coordinator

Infant Diagnostic and Research Center

  • Angela Brey, LRT - Clinical research associate I
  • Abdul Mansoor, MD - Senior clinical coordinator
  • Pat Meyers, CCRC, RRT - Sr. clinical research coordinator
  • Cathy Worwa, RRT, CCRP - Clinical research coordinator

Institutional Review Board

  • Don Brunnquell, PhD - Chair
  • Debra McKeehen, MS - IRB administrator
  • Kathy Thaemlitz, BS - IRB administrative assistant sr.


  • Lisa Kappenman
  • Laboratory research specialist

Pain Medicine, Palliative Care & Integrative Medicine

  • Andrea Nugent, MPH, CCRC, PhD candidate - Sr. clinical research coordinator
  • Laurie Pane Foster, MEd, CCRP, CCLS - Clinical research coordinator
  • Ashley Young, BS - Clinical research associate I (also supports CF)

Emergency Medicine and Trauma

  • Nikki Braaten, BS - Research assistant
  • Michael Herriges, BA - Research assistant
  • Samuel Kim, BS - Research assistant
  • Ernest Krause, BA - Clinical research associate I
  • Heidi Vander Velden, MS, CCRP - Sr. clinical research coordinator (administratively supports CV/CCRC)

Children’s Clinical Research Investigators

The clinical investigators at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota are recognized nationally and internationally for their excellent care and outcomes. Their research efforts contribute to this excellence and ensure future improvements in care delivery and outcomes.

Our investigators engage in a wide range of research activities. They develop and implement their own projects, collaborate with investigators at other hospitals and universities, participate in registries and clinical trial networks, and consult as experts. Partnerships with entities such as the Therapeutic Development Network of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Children’s Oncology Group, and the Pediatric Heart Network enable clinical research centers worldwide to consolidate research efforts and provide patients with leading edge treatments.

Cystic Fibrosis

  • Cindy Brady, RN, DNP
  • Keith Cavanaugh, MD
  • Katie Fenlon, DPT
  • John McNamara, MD
  • Michael Pryor, MD
  • Mary Sachs, RN, CNP
  • Renee Temme, MS, CGC

 Cardiovascular and Critical Care Research Center

  • Charlie Baker, MD
  • Dori Baker, RN, CNP, AE-C
  • David Burton, MD
  • Chris Carter, MD
  • Kirsten Dummer, MD
  • Kelly Han, MD
  • Christine Hills, MD
  • Robert Horvath, MD
  • Stephen Kurachek, MD
  • David Gremmels, MD
  • Ken Maslonka, MD
  • Frank Moga, MD
  • Didima Mon-Sprehe, MD
  • Brooke Moore, MD, MPH
  • Jeff Nowak, MD
  • David Overman, MD
  • Trish Scherer, MD
  • Rod Tarrago, MD
  • Marko Vezmar, MD
  • Bill Wheeler, MD
  • Judy Zier, MD

Diabetes and Endocrine Center

  • M. Jennifer Abuzzahab, MD
  • Laura Gandrud, MD
  • Jennifer Kyllo, MD
  • Angela Tridgell, MD
  • Constantinos Voulgaropoulos, MD

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

  • James Sidman, MD


  • Nancy Mendelsohn, MD
  • Mary Ella Pierpont, MD
  • arah Dugan, MD

Hematology/Oncology Research

  • Anne Bendel, MD
  • Bruce Bostrom, MD
  • Laura Gilchrist, PT, PhD
  • Margaret Heisel Kurth, MD
  • Casey Hooke, RN, CNS, PhD
  • Susan Kearney, MD
  • Yoav Messinger, MD
  • Stephen Nelson, MD
  • Joanna Perkins, MD
  • Jawwhar Rawwas, MD
  • KrisAnn Schultz, MD
  • Susan Sencer, MD
  • Michael Sprehe, MD

Pain Medicine, Palliative Care and Integrative Medicine

  • Stefan Friedrichsdorf, MD
  • Kaci Osenga, MD

Neonatal Intensive Care Program

  • Ellen Bendel-Stenzel, MD
  • Neil Mulrooney, MD
  • Nina Perdue, MD

Infant Diagnostic Research Center

  • Mark Mammel, MD
  • Andrea Lampland, MD 

Trauma and Emergency Medicine

  • Anupam Kharbanda, MD
  • Henry Ortega, MD
  • Sam Reid, MD