Read about nurses who have become engaged with the issues that matter to them. Whether recognizing that listening is the key to delivering culturally sensitive care, or working to resolve problems by gathering more information and participating in the Nursing Integration Board, these stories show that individual nurses can change how we care for patients and how we relate to each other as colleagues.

Angela Sanford: Asking Questions, Solving Problems - Angela has found the ideal forum for seeking answers as a member of the Nursing Integration Board

Be Ho: Sharing Expertise - Be is an ideal mentor for new staff in the operating room

Lani Hollenbeck: Promoting Cultural Sensitivity - Lani has found that being willing to listen sends a universal message of caring

Jeanne Surdo: Defining Nursing Practice - Jeanne has devoted a significant part of her career to activities that advance, protect, and regulate the profession of nursing.

Scott Elsbernd: Supporting Colleagues, Enhancing Care - Scott demonstrates that a successful technology transition is about people

Tely Xiong: Fostering Community Connections - Tely is bilingual and makes a concerted effort to reach out to families of Hmong descent who arrive in the emergency department.

Lynn Timm and JoAnn Johnson: Advancing Nursing in an Electronic World - Lynn and JoAnn help to ensure that electronic documentation systems offer the tools and processes that nurses need to do their jobs well