Every detail of Children’s campuses is designed to ensure optimal healing environments for children and their families. We’ve integrated medicine, art and nature to create an unparalleled hospital experience. Children’s state-of-the-art facility now matches the world-class care provided.

Children’s - St. Paul includes new and improved welcome area, surgery center, emergency department, pediatric intensive care unit and level II neonatal intensive care unit.

Level II Nursery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Emergency Department
Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Surgery Center
Epilepsy Center (Future Opening - Phase II)
Medical / Surgical Unit (Future Opening - Phase II)

Level II Nursery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Children’s - St. Paul’s new Level II nursery is an important addition to our St. Paul NICU, one of the first all private patient room NICU’s in the nation.

Children’s is now able to care for our fragile, long-term neonates up to one year of age who have “graduated” from the NICU, but still require high levels of observation and care. Our new Level II nursery allows Children’s - St. Paul to continue to provide the high-quality neonatal care that has earned Children’s national recognition.

Like the NICU, the Level II nursery features

12 spacious, private patient rooms that allow families to more easily participate in their child’s care – which research has shown to improve clinical outcomes. Having a private, comfortable environment for parents to learn and ask questions increases the likelihood of a smooth transition from hospital to home.
A sleeper sofa, phone, Internet access, and a personal refrigerator for breast milk or formula in each room – all which help create a more healing environment for families.

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Emergency Department

In 2011, Children’s emergency departments had almost 90,000 visits – making it one of the busiest emergency rooms in the county. Given the high volume of patients and the importance of emergency and trauma care, renovating and expanding our emergency department was a critical piece of Phase I construction in St. Paul.

The new Peter J. King Pediatric Emergency Department offers more space with larger private rooms for patients and families’ comfort, enhanced infection control, and a more effective design to help improve efficiency and reduce wait times.

Our goal is to create the best experience for patients and families when they need it most.

Located on the first floor, the new emergency department features:

Updated trauma rooms
New and expanded triage area
New welcome area and check-in desk

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Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) serves some of Children’s most critically ill patients. Last year, we treated nearly 500 patients at our St. Paul PICU.

The new PICU will help promote healing through:

Private patient rooms that provide patients and families a quiet, personal environment. Larger rooms allow for more equipment, eliminating the disruptions caused by motion in and out of the room.
Four family sleep rooms and the family lounge, which give families additional privacy and respite.
Improved infection control that is achieved by incorporating the latest advances in infection control technology and procedures in the PICU.
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Surgery Center

Children’s performs more than 24,000 surgical procedures every year – with some of the lowest post-surgery complication rates and highest patient family satisfaction rates nationally.

Children’s continues to lead the way by providing a wide variety of specialized surgical services, including fetal surgery, and is experiencing increased demand for surgery on critically ill patients, complex neurological cases, and orthopedic cases.

To meet the demand for surgical care and services, Children’s is developing a new 30,000 square foot world-class pediatric surgery center. It is the most significant upgrade and expansion at our St. Paul facility. Children’s will fully integrate surgical procedures with pre-operative and post-anesthesia care, allowing for seamless patient care in one central location – thus improving our efficiency and effectiveness.

The new surgery center will feature:

Eight state-of-the-art operating suites that can accommodate current and future technology.
24 pre/post operative private patient rooms and nine post-anesthesia care rooms that will provide a more comforting and healing environment and allow families to be with their child before and after surgery without having to move.
A spacious family waiting area to facilitate better family-centered care and improved consultation spaces to help improve communication between families and care providers.

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Epilepsy Center

(Future Opening - Phase II)

Children and teenagers from around the region come to the pediatric epilepsy center at Children’s - St. Paul, one of the largest and highest quality pediatric epilepsy centers in the country.

Treatment for epilepsy is complex and requires years of care — from the most advanced monitoring and brain mapping systems, to well-functioning treatment rooms, and spaces where families spend many hours working with staff and supporting one another as they learn how to manage their child’s condition.

Given the complexity of epilepsy treatments and Children’s commitment to providing world-class care, plans are underway to relocate and expand our inpatient epilepsy program. Currently located at United Hospital, the new Children’s Epilepsy Center will move to Children’s - St. Paul where we can provide an enhanced, more private healing environment for patients and their families, and offer better resources for staff.

The new epilepsy center will feature:

Eight to 10 private patient rooms
Enhanced monitoring and treatment areas
Parent lounges, conference rooms, and common areas

Once complete, the renovated and expanded center will give patients and families the privacy, safety, and support services they need to during their time at Children’s.

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Medical/Surgical Unit

(Future Opening - Phase II)

Each year, hundreds of patients stay in one of Children’s - St. Paul medical/surgical units with a range of diagnoses from post-surgical care to chronic disease management, and respiratory illnesses.

Our average daily census for Children’s - St. Paul medical/surgical units is 97 children. These units play a crucial role in providing outstanding pediatric care to children who receive inpatient treatment. Many of the current medical/surgical patient rooms are shared by more than one child and all are in need of modernization.

Children’s plans to renovate the fifth and sixth floors of the new Children’s - St. Paul to include 26 all private patient medical/surgical rooms.

Features of the new medical/surgical rooms will include:

Individualized environments that allow each patient and family to adjust their room light, temperature, and noise levels – helping them experience a greater sense of comfort and control during their healing journey.
Improved infection control by incorporating the latest advances in infection control technology and procedures to ensure our patients’ safety and well-being – thus preventing the spread of disease and infection throughout the hospital.
Amenities such as a sleeper sofa, workspaces, big-screen TVs, video games, technology ports for electronic devices, and mini-refrigerators enhance the family experience.

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