Pediatric emergency training hits the road



As a nonprofit hospital, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota provides community benefit services each year to meet some of the most pressing health concerns in our community. One of the services we are uniquely positioned to offer as a regional destination for treating complex pediatric health needs is training to assist medical professionals in dealing with pediatric emergencies. Like all other aspects of pediatric health care, emergency care for babies and children requires specialized approaches.

Training for pediatric emergencies

Children’s provides training and education to health professionals in a number of ways and one of the most unique among them is the Mobile Simulation Center. The Center is a 40 foot long bus equipped with an area to simulate a hospital environment (an emergency room, surgery room and more) and a room for participants to review and debrief video of their training session.

Teams practice scenarios using mannequins of various sizes to simulate working on a child anywhere from a newborn to a teenager. The mannequins display different symptoms depending on the scenarios trainees ask to work on, which can be anything from an unconscious child to medication management to a cardiac arrest. You can watch simulation training in action here. These scenarios also provide training on how to communicate effectively and work as a team in an emergency situation, since more than 65 percent of mistakes in health care occur due to communication and team work errors.

Why do we need a simulation center?

Even though children account for 27 percent of all emergency department (ED) visits, only about 6 percent of EDs in the U.S. have all of the needed supplies to manage pediatric emergencies (about half have 85 percent of needed supplies)We also know that pediatric skills can deteriorate after a short time if not practiced. The Mobile Simulation Center is important to caring for children in our community because it provides this needed training and practice for health professionals across the state. The bus travels to Greater Minnesota to provide training for Emergency Medical Service providers, hospitals and others.

Mobile Simulation Center travels statewide

In 2012 alone the Mobile Simulation Center has traveled throughout the state to cities and towns like Mankato, Mora, Fairmont, Blue Earth, Glencoe, Madelia, Albert Lea, Winona, Red Wing and more. From 2008 – 2010 more than 90 percent of trainings were held outside the seven-county metro area. And over the past four years the Simulation Center has provided training to over 4,300 Children’s staff and more than 1,400 health care professionals in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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