The fight against Joe Bully



While fighting a brain tumor he calls ‘Joe Bully’, 6-year-old Gavin has shown only strength and determination.

After undergoing five surgeries that lasted 20 hours each, on top of chemotherapy, part of Gavin's brain tumor remained. Only months ago, his family and doctors won a battle with Pfizer to offer Gavin a trial drug, known as CDK to help stop the growth. And while the drug seems to have worked, their fight is not over yet.

There is a revolutionary technology provided by an MRI-guided laser that uses heat and imaging to kill tumors that may otherwise be inoperable. The laser, which costs approximately $400,000, would be less invasive, result in shorter recovery time and aid those suffering from brain tumors and other neurological disorders and problems including epilepsy.

Gavin and his family have such incredible strength and drive that they have inspired the community around them. After learning about their story on the local news, people from throughout the area have donated in hope of raising enough money to purchase this potentially life-saving laser.

To help Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota secure this lifesaving treatment for kids like Gavin, please donate today.

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