The power of volunteering


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It was only five years ago that, through my work at the Best Buy corporate offices, that I decided to join a volunteer committee as a way to engage withmy teammates while giving back to the community. My first volunteer opportunity was at the PGA tournament benefiting Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. With 80 fellow employees working the concession stands together, we put in a lot of hard work, had a great time and felt so proud about the cause we were helping. Since then, volunteering through Best Buy has become an important commitment of mine. I now help every year to organize a day for Best Buy employees to volunteer at Children’s booth at that Minnesota State Fair.

After years of volunteering and making connections throughout Children’s, I never expected that one day I would experience first hand what it was like to be a patient family. My twins were born premature at 34 weeks. My son was hospitalized for two weeks and my daughter for an entire month. And while it was a very stressful and scary time, I felt comfort every time I bumped into Children’s staff who had become my friends over the years. And every day I would walk past the Geek Squad Precinct and feel proud to work for such a generous company like Best Buy.

Since my family’s time at Children’s, volunteering has become much more meaningful. I saw firsthand where fundraising dollars go and I experienced the comfort of support from hospital volunteers. From dropping off a handmade blanket, to a promised prayer, they meant so much to me and I will treasure those blankets we brought home. I can tell you that volunteering not only makes you feel amazing, but it without a doubt makes a difference in people's lives. We are so blessed to now have big, healthy and silly 2-year-olds thanks to Children's.

Best Buy's partnership with Children's

Best Buy has been partnering with Children’s for the past 5 years with a goal to enhance the caring environment for patients, family and staff. With onsite Geek Squad Precincts at both Minneapolis and St. Paul, agents are available to provide a full range of technology and expertise. Geek Squad agents help to provide family-centered care by keeping patients, families and staff connected by lending phone chargers, helping parents email photos or setting up CaringBridge® websites to help loved ones stay informed and in touch.

Thanks to a partnership with Magnolia and Best Buy, Children’s – Minneapolis opened a new Teen Lounge in August of 2012. Based on input from Children’s Youth Advisory Council, the lounge serves as a place that teens can use as an escape from the hospital to hang out with their peers and have a good time.

Not only does Best Buy provide these great experiences with the hospital, they also have sponsored multiple events and have donated thousands of dollars to hospital programs. Children’s is thankful for all of the support we receive from Best Buy and their employees. They are making a difference for kids and families every day.