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Children's Cause/Giving Campaign

Why Give to Children's Charities?

Sometimes, children face things that most adults won’t during their entire lives. And when they do, something unexpected happens.

Children reveal their tremendous capacity to live.

Not live like they’re sick. Not live like they’re compromised. Fully live each day like it’s any other.

All children, whether or not they’ve had to face a serious health challenge, have this quality. It’s not something many people, or even parents, get to see. But at Children’s, we catch glimpses of it every day. We get to see what children are truly made of.

And once you see it, it changes you forever. It inspires you. It drives you to be worthy of it. And makes you realize that children have something to teach us all.

Which is why we’ll always do our best to live up to the privilege of working with them. We will never stop reimagining healthcare. We will never stop looking for a better way. We will prove to the world that we don’t just care for children. We care for the most amazing people on earth.


Mark your calendars for Give to the Max Day!

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