Geek Squad Precinct receives Innovation of the Year award

The Geek Squad Precinct at Children’s was awarded the 2011 Innovation of the Year in Patient Care Award from the Minnesota Hospital Association at a ceremony on Friday.

In partnership with Best Buy Co., the first ever in-hospital Geek Squad Precinct provides free on-site tech support and consultation to patients and families at Children’s. This helps kids stay connected to their world outside of the hospital, helps parents keep up with the demands of work and life and provides entertainment for the entire family during extended stays.

The Geek Squad serves an average of 1,288 patients and families per month through room visits, walk-ins, and phone calls. For families under the tremendous stress of having a sick child, the Geek Squad Precinct alleviates unnecessary technology related stress.

We congratulate the agents and everyone who makes the Geek Squad Precinct a valuable service for our patients and families.

See more photos on the Geek Squad Children’s Hospital Precinct’s Facebook page.

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