Celebrating Our Nurses

This is a guest post by Roxanne Fernandes, Children’s Chief Nursing Officer.

Since coming to Children’s nearly a year ago, I have experienced firsthand the care that Children’s nurses deliver at the bedside, and I can say with confidence that the care is exceptional. What a truly talented and passionate group I’ve come to know and appreciate.

The nursing staff is the single largest part of most healthcare organizations, and the same is true here at Children’s. They are the humble and unsung heroes for patient families every day, and the go-to leaders of our care teams. We would be remiss if we didn’t honor them. That’s why, this week, Children’s is celebrating National Nurses Week, a country-wide celebration of the nursing profession. Children’s will be recognizing the nursing staff here on a job well done and offering a whole-hearted ‘Thank You.”

As part of the celebration, look for Children’s “Nurses, Once in a lifetime” TV ad that will run during shows such as “Modern Family,” “CBS This Morning,” “Ellen,” “The Today Show” and “American Idol.” You can also view the commercial below.

Here’s to our nurses!

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