Teen patients welcome new space in Minneapolis

The teen lounge is open for fun.

Until last week, teen patients visiting our Minneapolis campus didn’t have a special space where they could escape the beeps of machines and stuffiness of a hospital room.

The Youth Advisory Council spoke, and we listened thanks to help from Magnolia/Best Buy. Now, patients and their siblings and friends are able to enjoy a space that feels more like a state-of-the-art basement and less like a hospital.

“Being out of my room just makes me feel better,” said Olivia, a YAC member who spends most of her time in St. Paul, which has had a space for teens called the Minnesota Wild Teen Room.

The new space features a 65-inch flat panel TV, several gaming systems, leather theater chairs, a computer desk, gaming table, and many DVDs and games.

“We’re excited to be able to offer a space specifically designed for teens. The teen room will be a fun and unique space for our adolescent patients to gather with family and friends beyond the hospital patient room,” said Christi Dady, a Children’s Child Life Specialist who works with the YAC. “The interesting design and the electronic equipment create a more home-like and comfortable environment where our teen patients can relax.”

The YAC collaborated with the Magnolia team at Best Buy to plan the lounge. Mason, a YAC member, said helping design the space has been his favorite projects at Children’s.

“I would always come here (to the lounge),” Mason said.

Daniela, also a YAC member, said being confined to her hospital room gets depressing. She hopes she can spend time in the lounge, where she hopes to make new friends.



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