Nine health applications for parents

We at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota have launched our first official iOS application to better serve our community. The app is a guide to help make the experience for our families the best, and it includes hospital maps, news and events, and the ability to find Children’s clinical staff and locations. Learn more about the app here.

As we launch our app, we also want to suggest other health apps. Here are eight you might find helpful.

iTriage application: The iTriage application not only allows you to check out what the symptoms you’re suffering from might mean, but locates nearby clinics and doctors. You can even save information about Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota clinics, and get turn-by-turn directions on how to get here if needed. The app also allows you to save appointment details and history within the app for easy reference later on.

Instant Heart Rate: The Instant Heart Rate app uses the camera on your smartphone to measure the pulse from your finger. Simply place the tip of your index finger on the phone’s camera, and in a couple of seconds your pulse will be displayed. The app even features a real-time pulse chart to show you every heartbeat.

Ibitz: One way to keep your child healthy is simply to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Ibitz is a combination of an app and fitness tracker that not only keeps track of how active your child is, but allows them to earn points to play their favorite video games or watch TV. You as the parent decide how many points are needed and what the rewards are, encouraging your child to be more active during the day.

My Kid’s Health: My Kid’s Health is an iPad app to help parents with their children’s medical information. The app allows to track vaccination records, growth charts, appointment cards and medical records right on their iPad.

iHealthTrax: iHealthTrax is an app that lets you keep track of who’s been sick, what the symptoms are, and how long it’s lasted. The app features a calendar that lets you mark illnesses, medication, and symptoms. The app allows for multiple calendars, so you can track each family member on their own calendar and keep the details in order. This can be especially helpful for organizing your information when going to the pediatrician’s office.

WebMD: The WebMD app is a companion application to the popular website. The app allows you to research conditions and symptoms and access medication and treatment information. The app also provides advice and first aid tips.

WebMD Baby: The WebMD Baby app is a baby-specific app that comes packed with information for new parents, featuring 400 articles, 600 tips and 70 videos. The app offers parents guidance on what to expect from their baby’s physical and emotional development and has access to health-related counsel when issues come up.

CaringBridge: CaringBridge for iPhone and iPad makes it easy to stay connected to your family and friends while you’re out and about. The CaringBridge app syncs up with the CaringBridge service, which offers free personalized websites to people facing serious medical conditions or hospitalization to allow their friends and family to follow along, stay up-to-date on any developments, and offer words of encouragement.


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