Joseph Wald, 8, to ‘lead the team’ at Vikings game tonight

Joseph Wald, 8, to lead the Minnesota Vikings onto the field

In this season’s first “Lead The Team” event with the Minnesota Vikings, 8-year-old Joseph Wald is fired up to attend his very first Vikings game tonight. His mom (Karin), dad (Dave) and brother (Aidan) watch a lot of sports at home; so, to be on the field with the players will be quite an experience for the Wald family.

Joseph was born with Morquio Syndrome, a type of rare, genetic enzyme storage disorder. Because its symptoms are not usually noticed until about 3, he wasn’t diagnosed until just before his fifth birthday. The disorder is so rare, that at the time of diagnosis, no treatment was available. In June 2012, Joseph was invited to participate in a treatment study based in Chicago so that he could receive infusions of the synthetic enzyme that his body doesn’t produce. After a year of flying hundreds of miles back and forth every week for an entire year, Joseph started working with Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota this past June. He now receives his weekly infusions a lot closer to home.

Turning 9 this weekend, Joe enjoys riding his bike, playing street hockey with the neighborhood boys and LEGOs, and reading Percy Jackson books in his spare time. His favorite pastime is anything involving electronics (Wii, X-Box, iPad, PlayStation). He can also hold his own against most adults playing chess and backgammon.

We welcome Joseph and his family as our first participants in this year’s “Lead the Team” event.

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