Five Question Friday: Laurel Edinburgh

Meet Laurel Edinburgh, a  nurse practitioner at the Midwest Children’s Resource Center at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Laurel was recently named an outstanding nurse by Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine.  Read more about Laurel. 

How long have you worked at Children’s? I have worked at Children’s since 1999. I started working on my oldest child’s first day of pre-school. I am driving him to college this week! It has been 14 years.

What drew you to pediatrics? I love children — the way they believe in magic, blow bubbles, give you a hug, and they have interesting perspectives on life. They ask fascinating questions. They love their parents.

What do you enjoy most about working at Children’s? I adore my co-workers. My job provides me with the flexibility to provide clinical care to children and their families within the hospital and in the community. Beside providing clinical care, I have been allowed to participate in guiding and developing policy for sexually trafficked youth. I also have a chance to design my own research projects, teach and mentor students. Being a nurse at Children’s has allowed me the opportunity to follow my passions and use all of my facets of my nursing education.

What do you think makes kids great? I love that kids believe all things are possible. They can be nurses, sports stars, astronauts, scientists, police officers and judges — they can do all these jobs at the same time when they grow up. They think there is a chance to cure every disease, they see hope where I see none, they see humor when I see frustration, they see a game when I see more work to do, they remind me to slow down and enjoy the tiny moments. It is the process of figuring out a problem that may be the most important and not always the results. Kids remind me to laugh at Elmo and to eat more cookies and ice cream. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I would like to travel to Auckland, New Zealand. I have heard there are amazing mud baths, beautiful scenery and I love New Zealand accents.


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