Volunteer Recognition Week Profile: April Becker

April BeckerApril & her adorable niece!

Where do you volunteer, and how long have you been volunteering?

I started as a volunteer at the Welcome Desk in October 2010, and have recently switched to spending time on the inpatient floors with some amazing kiddos!

What is your educational background & future career interest?

I graduated from the College of St. Benedict with a Psychology/Communications degree. Since then, I have worked in a variety of settings and jobs, such as teaching English abroad in Japan, working as a behavioral therapist in homes & schools for children with autism, teaching children’s fitness, nannying, and more!

I have currently decided to narrow my interests a bit, and have returned to school again to pursue a nursing degree. I’d love to someday be able to work with kids and their families in a setting such as Children’s!

Why did you decide to volunteer, and what do you enjoy about it?

A friend of mine volunteered at Children’s for many years and always had such wonderful things to say about his experience.  He told me that I would love it as well, and encouraged me to start.  It’s been such a great experience so far!

Volunteering at Children’s has also been a fantastic learning experience for me as I have been deciding whether or not to change my career path towards the health care field.   I have enjoyed getting a first-hand look at what goes on behind the scenes in a hospital, which has been eye-opening for me.  Not only have I felt like an integral, important part of the hospital team, but am amazed by how warm and helpful everyone around has been to help make this experience valuable for all involved.  And the kids…how can you not enjoy hanging out with them?!

What kinds of things do you enjoy doing when you’re not volunteering?

I love simply enjoying all that life has to offer when not at Children’s…I love too many things to mention them all!  You can find me outdoors soaking in fresh air and sunshine (when it’s not -20 degrees!); running, biking and blading around local trails and lakes; catching some live music around town; trying out new ethnic cuisines; reading through travel books and planning new & exciting adventure getaways; getting dirty in the kitchen brewing up new recipes; grooving my feet on the dance floor; playing in the snow; connecting with friends, near and far; hanging out with my lovely family… and oh-so-much more!

Thank you, April, for the difference that you make in the lives of Children’s patients and families!  Your work is appreciated!

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