Volunteer Recognition Week Profile: Ikram Osman

Ikram Osman Ikram Osman

“My name’s Ikram Osman, and I’m a junior at Hopkins High School.  I’m a fun-loving, outgoing, and energetic person.  I enjoy such things as running track, singing, reading, drawing, exploring nature, and writing poetry.  I also love learning about other people’s cultures and differences:  it fascinates me to read books about teens and children in other countries and how they differ from us in America.

At one point, I wanted to be a pharmacist after high school, but now that I’ve figured out that I don’t like science as much as I thought I did, I’m not sure what I want to be anymore.  Maybe a doctor, a nurse or a human rights lawyer?  All I know is that I want to do something that interacts with others so that I can make a difference in others’ lives.

The way that I found out about Children’s was that my aunt volunteered at Children’s awhile back. She always told me about how it was so much fun and such a interesting place to be and meet amazing people. She would tell me to sign up every day, but I never got to it. Then about 5 months ago, she started to encourage me to sign up along with my mother. I signed up and ever since then, I’ve loved it.  Children’s is a calming place that gives me a chance to give back to the community and help others. Volunteering is one of the things that I cherish most in life; to me, Children’s is a place to connect with many people that we might not be able to in our daily lives.  Volunteering is also a way to experience life through other’s eyes.  Other then the hospital, I also volunteer at the Ridgedale Library and hope to volunteer at the Courage Center this summer.”

Thank you, Ikram, for your dedication & wonderful volunteer work!

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