Volunteer Recognition Week Profile: Jen Nagorski


Jen Nagorski

Jen Nagorski

“I started volunteering at Children’s-Minneapolis almost 2 years ago. During that time, I have volunteered on the inpatient floors and in the Surgery Family Waiting Room. I love Children’s, and look forward to every Monday night when my shift starts. There is certainly never a dull moment, and each new patient is a new experience. After a long day at work, my time at Children’s seems like “play time.” My favorite parts of volunteering are arts and crafts and chatting with kids about their favorite TV shows and movies:¬† their eyes always light up when you ask them about SpongeBob!

I originally became a volunteer to explore career options within the Child Life field. Children’s offered me a great opportunity last year when I participated in the Child Life Volunteer¬†Exposure Experience. I was assigned to the St. Paul campus, and spent time on the inpatient floors and epilepsy unit. The epilepsy unit was especially interesting to me because many patients there have their families with them for the majority of their stay. Helping a parent or older sibling do a puzzle to unwind was just as rewarding as working with a patient. During the exposure experience, I also had the chance to plan weekly art activities for patients and siblings in the playroom. It was a great chance to use my creativity and try out some fun projects.

After the exposure experience and my time volunteering, I have come to realize how passionate I am about the work that Children’s Hospital does with young patients and their families. I know that someday soon, I want to become a Child Life Associate so that I can spend each and every day playing and sharing my creativity. I have a degree in Studio Art and am working toward my degree in Psychology to prepare me for a position at a children’s hospital.

If you are interested in a career in health care, or just want to have some fun, I would highly recommend putting on the “red vest” and becoming a Children’s volunteer!”

Thank you, Jen, for all of your amazing work here at Children’s!

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