Volunteer Recognition Week Profile: Samanta “Sah” Guisso

Samanta Guisso Samanta Guisso

“My name is Samanta Guisso.  I am from Brazil, and am getting a degree in Business.  I decided to volunteer at Children’s Hospital because I used to volunteer in a hospital and orphanage in Brazil; I started volunteering there when I was 13 years old.

I love kids, the energy they have, and how well they deal with big problems:  they are always so positive and full of hope.  It always feels really good to see how you can help someone have a happier day, and that’s why I volunteer: because it feels good in my heart.

I love painting, drawing and singing; I think that anything related to art can bring you spiritual peace.  I also like enjoying a good walk, or a good talk about anything.  I am very curious, and love learning from other people’s experiences.”

Thank you so much, Sah, for sharing your love of volunteerism with us!

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