Volunteer Recognition Week: Words of Appreciation from Staff Member Donel “DJ” Jones

DJ Jones Donel “DJ” Jones

If you’ve ever called Children’s main number or stopped to ask for help at the 1st or 2nd floor desks, it’s likely that you’ve encountered DJ’s smiling face!   DJ has been assisting patients, families, staff, and volunteers at the Children’s Welcome Center for the past eight years, and has been working directly with volunteers since 2005.

When asked about his favorite part of having volunteer support, DJ replied, “The fact that they are kind, people-friendly, and hardworking.”

We then asked DJ if he had any particular stories to share about volunteers.  His response?  “Yes.  There is one who helps out with anything and everything, even tasks that are not the responsibility of volunteers.  She is superb with the children and they love her!  Her name is April.”

Thanks so much for taking the time to highlight April, DJ!  (P.S.  Check out our next blog post to hear from April in her own words!

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