Where Are They Now?: Occupational Therapy Student Alex Neville

“Hi! My name is Alex Neville and I am in graduate school at Creighton University, working towards my doctorate in occupational therapy. I participated in the Child Life Exposure Experience in January 2008 and fell in love with Children’s Hospital, so I came back that summer and volunteered again! During my time at Children’s, I discovered a lot about myself and my love for working in a hospital setting. When I began my internship, I had no idea what occupational therapy was and how therapists worked to help patients get back to doing daily things (occupations) that many of us take for granted. From getting dressed to even playing, occupational therapists help patients re-learn how to do these seemingly simple things or learn to do tasks in new ways. After sitting in on one therapy session, I knew that this was the career path that I wanted to pursue. I am over halfway done with my program now, and am looking forward to graduation in December 2012. Omaha is great, but I definitely would like to get back to the Twin Cities after graduation to work in one of the fantastic hospitals in the area. Who knows…maybe Children’s will need another OT then!”

Alex Neville & brother In Alex’s own words:  “This is a picture of my younger brother David and I at my white coat ceremony.  Goofing around, he thought that he could become an OT just by wearing my coat..like all things in life, I guess career choices (and coats!) aren’t ‘one size fits all!'”

Thank you, Alex, for your continued support of our volunteer program!  We’re so proud of you, and can’t wait to cheer on your future success as an OT!

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