Staff Service Star: Charles Lillicrap, PACU

We’re grateful for the great work of Charles Lillicrap, Unit Operations Coordinator in Pre-Op/PACU!  (Volunteers may recognize Charles from his prior position as a Child Life Associate in the Sibling Play Area!)
Charles was recognized by Surgery Family Waiting Room volunteer Lynda Summerville.  Lynda wrote:
“When I was in the Family Waiting Room this morning, I asked Charles Lillicrap if he could help locate a listing of the TV channels in the FWR.  (Many families inquire as to what TV channels are on the Children’s Hospital network.)  Charles quickly put together that list! It has been “unretrievable” all these years! 
I placed this list in the “red volunteer folder” and notebook, both located in the desk drawer.  Thanks to Charles and his “can-do” attitude!
Thank you, Charles, for your fantastic support of our volunteers!


Charles Lillicrap

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