PAWH Success Stories!

We love our PAWH (Pets Assisting With Healing) volunteers!  The following pictures and anecdotes illustrate the impact that animal-assisted therapy can have on the patients and families here at Children’s.
“Karen (Sheahan) and Reba (pictured, above) have been a great help to a 5-year-old boy who has been seen in occupational therapy. Karen and Reba are always up for trying anything that is suggested, and I greatly appreciate it! Reba got all pretty with her collar and colorful feathers stuck in her fur by the patient to prepare for a special walk where Reba wore her snow boots if the patient walked with bare feet! Barefoot exploration is very difficult for this little boy, but Reba was a great motivator and distraction to complete a full walk around the department on various surfaces! A great accomplishment! Thank you!”  -Occupational Therapist LeAnn Sagerer
“Bogart (pictured, above, with handler Kristen Kenney) assisted my client with learning how to form shapes as he had quite the surface area to practice on. This child used a paintbrush to practice the large strokes on Bogart. She thought it was hilarious to paint on a dog and even more silly when Bogart moved and she lost control over where the paintbrush was going. She also worked on crossing midline with rainbows that arched over Bogart’s back. She was very proud of her artwork, and having Bogart present was incredibly motivating for her!” -Occupational Therapist Emily DeBreto 

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