Where Are They Now?: Volunteer-to-Employee “Hall of Fame!”

Do you recognize any of these folks? All of these individuals are current Children’s employees who started off as volunteers!   Currently, there are nearly thirty individuals who gave their time to either the Minneapolis or St. Paul hospitals as volunteers, and over the years, there have been countless others.   The next time you see any of these employees in the hall, say hello and ask them about their volunteer experience!



Pictured in Album 1 (listed in order of appearance within full album):
Carin Hanson, Child Life
Anna Wells, Emergency Department
Bethany Bauer, 4th Floor
Charles Lillicrap, Surgery
Abbie Dalbec, 6th Floor
Amy Heairet, NICU
Album 2:
Emily Mueller, Pharmacy
Ernie Krause, Research & Sponsored Programs
Chelsea Gliddon, Infection Prevention & Control
Jenna Barke, Volunteer Services
Emily Gustafson, Float Team
Jackie Cameron, Health Information Management
Jennifer Johnson, Foundation
Album 3:
Pamela Carranza, Developmental Rehabilitation
Lisa Pham, Child Life
Rhea Holm, Children’s Clinic
Tedi Rappaport, Child Life
Molly Lamon, Volunteer Services
Simon Lueth, Hematology/Oncology Clinic

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