Emergency Preparedness Exercise!

Volunteers at Children’s-St. Paul assisted with an emergency preparedness exercise on October 4th by acting as patients who had come into direct contact with chlorine at a local pool.  This drill gave staff the opportunity to test equipment and procedures needed to decontaminate patients who have come into contact with potentially dangerous chemicals.

Volunteers (seated left to right) Rozina Tesfai, Ashley Hagerty, Destiney Torres, Kelly Hicks and Casey Monson receive roles and details before the drill

Five volunteers (and several blow-up dummies!) were given “victim” role descriptions, indicating their symptoms for the drill. The volunteer victims were brought into the Emergency Department, admitted as patients, and were showered down by staff in full-body protective suits!


Volunteers Kelly Hicks, Destiney Torres, Casey Monson, Ashley Hagerty and Rozina Tesfai pose with their fellow "victims" during the emergency preparedness exercise Tuesday

As students in the medical field, several volunteers mentioned that they appreciated gaining insight into the patient’s point of view by participating in the exercise. Having volunteers act as victims (alongside the blow-up dummies) gave staff the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from a “patient” perspective!

Thank you, volunteers, for your participation &  for sharing your insights!

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