Volunteers Are Service Stars: Kenia Kaczor

Hearing kind words about volunteers from Children’s staff always brings smiles to our faces!  This past week, we received the following e-mail from Lisa Pham in Children’s Sibling Play Area, acknowledging the great work of volunteer Kenia Kaczor:

“I just want to recognize a volunteer, Kenia Kaczor, for her great can-do attitude in the Sibling Play Area!  It’s always a joy to have her come into SPA and adapt to whatever is needed of her.  I rarely have to redirect her or what she is doing in SPA; she just knows what is expected of her.  She is fantastic with kids of all age ranges and disabilities.  Especially today, she was not hesitant to interact with a child who was autistic and blind.  She guided and familiarized him with the toys that interested him.  I just wanted to make sure you all know what a great job she does in SPA.  We appreciate what Volunteer Services has to offer!” 
-Lisa Pham, Child Life Associate, Children’s-Minneapolis

Kenia Kaczor

THANK YOU, Kenia, for your amazing work in the Sibling Play Area!  We’re so happy to have you on our volunteer team!

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