Volunteers Are Service Stars: Mary Pike, Sibling Play Area

    We’re always thrilled to recognize the great work of our fantastic volunteers!  Today’s “Service Star” is Sibling Play Area volunteer Mary Pike, who received the following acknowledgment from staff member Patty Sandkamp:
“Mary Pike deserves kudos today for her flexibility in the moment.  We were slow in SPA today; however, a family came in with a social worker, wanting to check-in their son so they could go and talk in private. Unfortunately, their son had an active cold and cough, so he could not stay in SPA.  The social worker mentioned that she was going to call Volunteer Services. I asked them how long they thought the meeting would be, and clarified where they were meeting. Logistics covered, I asked Mary if she was willing to be with this young boy.  He was very easygoing about all of this, so it seemed a good match for Mary. We put together a tray of things to do, with items he could take home, and they set off.
Mary’s flexibility was highlighted because she had just walked in the door from a short break as I was talking with the social worker and family. Mary was willing to step out of the norm of her volunteer role and it made a huge difference for the family!
Thank you, Mary, for being willing to serve ‘in the moment!'” 
-Patty Sandkamp, MA, CFLE
Child Life Associate, Sibling Play Area

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