Volunteer Spotlight: Inpatient Units

What do volunteers do on the inpatient units?

Spend time with children, mostly one-on-one:  patients and their siblings LOVE to PLAY! Inpatient volunteers assist with arts & crafts projects, bring children to our inpatient playrooms, play games,  read books, watch movies, rock babies, or simply chat and keep children company in their rooms.

Volunteer Mary Ellen Kruger in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Our Inpatient Unit Volunteers Make a HUGE Difference at Children’s!

In 2011, Children’s volunteers:

-volunteered  25,366 total hours on our inpatient units

-Completed approximately 45 volunteer shifts each weekday and 12 shifts a day each weekend for a grand total of 12,490 three-hour inpatient shifts in 2011!

-Volunteers spend time with an average of 2-3 patients during each volunteer shift, which means that, in 2011, they interacted with approximately 31,225 Children’s patients!

We want volunteering to be a meaningful experience for volunteers, as well as those we serve. Why do volunteers share their time at Children’s Hospital?

“I volunteer because I love working with kids. This is a chance for me to do what I love while gaining insight into the healthcare industry!”

Nickie Fowler, inpatient volunteer

“Volunteering at Children’s has been one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life!”

Lea Dinndorf, inpatient volunteer

“I receive so much joy and contentment from volunteering at Children’s…it’s the highlight of my week!”

Roxanne Lerum, Infant Care Center volunteer

Volunteer Kyle Anderson playing with patient

Volunteers mean so much to the patients, families and staff here at Children’s Hospital!

“All of the volunteers were great!”

Family Survey

“The volunteer staff was wonderful, so caring and fun. I want to thank ALL of them.”

Family Survey

“You volunteers all make such a difference here for these children.  I am so very grateful every day for all that you do.”

Kate Beaudin, RN, PICU (Children’s-Minneapolis)

“A mom stopped in the Family Resource Center today and mentioned that the two things that really make her son’s day at Children’s are…X-Box and VOLUNTEERS!”

Carolyn Reseland, Family Resource Center

Happy National Volunteer Week to all of our inpatient unit volunteers! Thank you for making a huge positive impact on the lives of Children’s patients, families, and staff!

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