Volunteers Needed: Emergency Preparedness Exercise!

July 3rd, 2013

Volunteers Needed: Emergency Preparedness Exercise!

 What: We create a scenario (e.g., a building collapses, injuring hundreds!) and have volunteer ‘patients’ and ‘family members’ run through the process of how we (ER, surgery, admissions, etc.) would respond to a large scale emergency in our community.

 Who: We need volunteers of varying ages to serve as patients (younger volunteers, siblings, friends or neighbors), and a few older teen/adult volunteers to act as family members of the ‘patients.’  

You do NOT need to be a Children’s volunteer to participate, but we do need your info to get you officially signed up!

 Day: Wednesday, 7/31

Time: TBD (somewhere between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm) 

 Interested? Contact Ingrid Arnold ingrid.arnold@childrensmn.org or call: (612) 813-6170

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