Volunteer shout-out: Kiry Koy

April 11th, 2014

Volunteer shout-out: Kiry Koy


Kiry Koy
The celebration of our volunteerscontinues this week with a profile of Kiry Koy.

Kiry is a freshman at the University of Minnesota, studying neuroscience. He volunteers at Children’s – St. Paul on the inpatient units, and has gained more than 60 hours of service since he started volunteering in October of 2013. This summer, he plans to broaden his skill set by volunteering in a new area: as a peri-operative escort in our surgery department! His favorite part about volunteering is playing with kids in the unit playroom. Plans for the future? Well, to become a doctor of course!

Thank you, Kiry, and all of our volunteers for all you do to assist staff and brighten the lives of patients and families.


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