Children's Concussion Clinic

A concussion is an injury to the brain that disrupts normal brain function with symptoms that may be temporary or more chronic. Children’s Concussion Clinic provides comprehensive medical evaluation and treatment for children and young adults who have sustained mild traumatic brain injuries or concussions caused by sports, accidents or falls.

Concussion symptoms may be noticeable right after the injury or take from hours to days before becoming obvious. With most concussions, a child is not knocked out or unconscious. All concussions have the potential to be serious and could result in complications. Depending on the severity, concussion symptoms may last anywhere from 10 or 15 minutes to several months. Complications can range from prolonged symptoms, difficulty with school or changes in behavior.

Medical evaluation and treatment of every concussion and its symptoms is necessary. Visit Children’s pediatric emergency medicine department for urgent concussion concerns. They may recommend an appointment with our concussion clinic for further evaluation and follow up.

Children’s pediatric emergency department is open 24/7 on both our Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses, and our pediatric emergency physicians staff the Woodwinds Hospital, Two Twelve Medical Center and WestHealth emergency rooms on evenings and weekends.

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