affinity-plusProving once again that this credit union is thinking of its members, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union is now offering an option to donate reward points directly to Children’s. Reward points can be earned a variety of easy ways, including using your debit card, direct deposits, or becoming a member. The Participation Rewards Program has been offering this unique donation option since March and over 95,000 points, or $2,000 has already been donated.

Find out more about this not for profit credit union and how they can help you support Children’s.

About Affinity Plus

Affinity Plus is a mission-driven financial cooperative that believes in the power of the human spirit. Built upon a business model that trusts and believes in people, we are here to do what many consider na├»ve and unrealistic - put people first. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we are proud that most of our profits are invested back into our members and communities, allowing them the means to achieve their goals.

Since May of 2012, Affinity Plus has committed $100,000 towards the new Mother Baby Center at Children’s. Here at Children’s, we are extremely excited about Affinity Plus’ enthusiasm for giving and thankful for their member support.