kohlscaresShop to give: 100% of net profits on special edition books and plush characters benefit children’s health and education initiatives. Everyone knows books are good for children, but Kohl’s brings new meaning to the idea of books benefiting America’s youth.

Kohl’s Cares merchandise for kids:

Kohl’s Cares merchandise for grown-ups:

Kohl’s donates 100% of the net profits from Kohl’s Cares® merchandise to children’s health and education initiatives nationwide. Your purchase of any of the special-edition plush animals and books furthers this cause. Kohl’s Cares® earmarks net profits for initiatives such as injury prevention, immunizations and education programs for diabetes, asthma, and childhood obesity, among others. Every day, Kohl’s directs time, effort and funding toward children’s health and education. Kohl’s Cares is proof that a little love goes a long way and a good book can positively impact children far beyond story time. Shop online or visit a Kohl's near you today.

Since the inception of Kohl’s Cares® in 2000, Kohl’s has turned $5 books and plush merchandise into more than $231 million to support kids' health and education initiatives nationwide. In the Twin Cities area, Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is the beneficiary of the Kohl's Cares Program. Children’s has received $5.4 million in support from this great program!