Wash 'em proud

handwashPatient safety is in our hands. Literally. Good hand hygiene can make a big difference in protecting the vulnerable immune systems of many kids in our care – whether a preemie or young adult.

Through the expertise of our Infection Prevention and Control team, and with the creativity of our Youth Advisory Council, Children's has set out to make sure that no hand goes unwashed. The Wash 'Em Proud program drives home the importance of hand washing and reminds staff members, volunteers, families and visitors that they play the most important role in helping to prevent the spread of disease.

Wash 'Em Proud informs and invites anyone who walks into the hospital to commit to the following: cleaning their hands before entering and after exiting the patient's room and before and after touching the patient or performing any procedure. It also empowers and encourages staff and volunteers to serve as hand washing advocates.

"Children's has a culture of patient safety that believes even one healthcare-associated infection is unacceptable," says Patsy Stinchfield, director of pediatric infectious disease services. "Our ultimate goal is to be at zero. Proper hand hygiene is key to our success."

Wash 'Em Proud is just one of many initiatives that ensures Children's provides the best care to our patients. So high fives all around for continued safety efforts – just make sure you wash your hands before and after!

awardsTop-ranked hospital

Children's has a long reputation of doing good work. Serving as Minnesota's children's hospital since 1924, we provide 381 staffed beds at our two hospital campuses in St. Paul and Minneapolis. We are committed to providing family-centered care and maintaining our reputation as a national leader in pediatric health.

Bedside research set us apart
From the tiniest preemies to a teenager dealing with leukemia, Children's offers nationally and
internationally recognized research programs in almost every area of pediatric care. In 2012, we had 404 studies and 258 clinical trials underway and received more than $15 million in state, federal and donor support. Our bedside research approach helps us translate discoveries into patient care as quickly as possible – allowing us to provide the best care today and even better care tomorrow.

costeffectiveSpecial help for special kids
Children's is a leader in embracing new care delivery approaches that focus on high-value, cost-effective care. Take our medical home concept, for example. Started in 2004, this family-centered model supports children with special health care needs, such as chromosomal abnormalities, multi-organ dysfunction, severe prematurity and other conditions. Our program coordinates care for more than 1,000 patients. Within the first two years of implementation, the medical home model had a dramatic impact on the utilization of high-cost visits by 200 patients, including reducing outpatient clinic visits, inpatient admissions and total number of inpatient days by more than 50 percent.


futureeducationEducation for future generations
As the largest provider of pediatric care in the state, Children's is the ideal spot to teach medical providers. Last year alone, we provided the training site for 398 affiliated residents and fellows, hosted 312 medical student rotations, offered 44 continuing medical education courses and produced 60 peer reviewed publications. Cultivating medical leaders ensures that we continue our mission – championing the special health needs of children and their families.

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