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The perfect combination

mb logoFor new babies and new parents, it's all about the firsts: first touch, first picture, first feeding. The Mother Baby Center, which opened in February 2013, is helping to deliver some of those firsts in a fabulous new space. The Center combines Children's reputation as a national leader in neonatal care with Abbott Northwestern's expertise in maternal health – providing both moms and babies with the best specialists, technology and services.

"Children's has partnered with Abbott Northwestern for three decades to provide advanced maternal and neonatal care. Yet, mothers and babies were separated in two facilities," says neonatologist Ellen Bendel-Stenzel, MD. "The Mother Baby Center combines our expertise under one roof – allowing parents to be by their babies should complications arise."

We know that babies do better when they can be closer to their mothers – things like skin-to-skin contact and access to breast milk help shorten stays in the hospital and improve the health of the infant. That knowledge drove the design of The Mother Baby Center and the philosophy of care provided within.

Made possible through donor support, the Center has the capacity to deliver 5,000 babies a year. All of those babies will enter the world in state-of-the-art labor and delivery suites, will be able to stay with their parents in private patient rooms, and will be welcomed by others in family gathering spaces. And if a baby needs special care, they will have access to the neonatal intensive care unit and every type of baby specialist you can imagine.

Our expert medical staff is leading the region in caring for all babies while advancing procedures like groundbreaking fetal surgery and complex premature deliveries. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, The Mother Baby Center has advanced operating rooms and specialized nurseries to match each baby's specific needs – such as the Greg and Jane Goven Family Integrated Operating Suite and the Blackford Family Special Care Nursery. Your support of our $15 million Mother Baby campaign goal is ensuring families continue to have their "firsts" in an exceptional space with exceptional services... no matter what level of care mom and baby need.

hardest timesHere for the hardest times

There's nothing more terrifying than when your child needs an emergency room. Stat. When parents in our region need emergency care, they overwhelmingly choose Children's. Our expanded and renovated Peter J. King Pediatric Emergency Department at Children's – St. Paul officially opened in October 2012. And our expanded UnitedHealthcare Pediatric Emergency Department at Children's – Minneapolis has a new helipad as well as ophthalmology, plastic and pediatric surgery specialists on duty 24/7. In June 2013, we became Minnesota's first Level I pediatric trauma center in a freestanding children's hospital.

neuroNeuroscience center

Another year, another milestone in pediatric health care for the Twin Cities. Work has begun on our new Children's pediatric neuroscience center, where children with brain injuries, illnesses and other neurological conditions can receive comprehensive, coordinated care – all in one place. And with 14 dedicated neuroscience rooms and 10 epilepsy rooms, even more children will be served in a private, comfortable environment that lets family members stay close at all hours of the day.


For all of life's chapters

When people think of a children's hospital, they usually think of babies and little kids. But what happens when kids with long-term needs grow up? Thanks to advancements in the treatment of conditions such as congenital heart defects, cancer and eating disorders, our patients have better outcomes than ever before. All these kids need continuity of care into adulthood. That's why Children's has collaborated with top-notch adult programs in the Twin Cities to address serious health issues that start at birth or childhood and continue as they grow. From little kids to big kids, Children's cares for them all – whenever they need us.

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