Simulation expertise backed by real-life experience

Children's simulation center

The simulation team at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota includes top-notch leaders in the field. Our simulation specialists have decades of combined experience and have trained at some of the world's foremost simulation science programs.

But like you, we began our careers on the front lines. We know the challenges you face in providing life-saving care to young patients. We applaud you for your commitment to lifelong learning and look forward to partnering with you.

Our simulation team is made up of dedicated professionals:

  • Karen Mathias, MSN, RN, CNS, director of the simulation center, led the development of the first mobile simulation center in the country dedicated solely to pediatric and neonatal training. Karen was a co-investigator for a Minnesota Job Skills Partnership grant targeting improved Emergency Department (ED) team performance, and was subsequently named a Densford Clinical Scholar to further develop ED crisis resource management simulation curriculum. Karen received her master's in pediatric critical care nursing from the University of Pennsylvania. Karen has pursued specialized training from Stanford's Center for Pediatric Education (CAPE) in simulation and debriefing, and has completed her Certified Master TeamSTEPPS™ Trainer program at the University of Minnesota. She has presented widely both regionally and nationally.  
  • Barb Peterson, MSN, RN, simulation specialist, has been a pediatric nurse for over 20 years. Barb has spent the last 10 years in the field of medical simulation, utilizing high-fidelity simulation in both academic and clinical settings. She is an enthusiastic supporter of simulation training and enjoys working collaboratively with individuals and organizations to develop curriculum that meets targeted training goals. Barb has pursued specialized training from Harvard's Institute for Medical Simulation, and has completed the Certified Master TeamSTEPPS™ Trainer program at the University of Minnesota. Barb has delivered professional presentations locally and nationally.
  • Amy Kline, MA, RN, simulation specialist, is one of the first to in the healthcare world to earn the distinction of Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator. She joined the simulation team in 2013 after many years of working in maternal-child and newborn nursing as well as teaching pre-licensure nurses as an assistant professor. Amy is a graduate of Luther College School of Nursing and received her master's of nursing education from St. Catherine's University. Through her master's work Amy focused on simulation curriculum development for training new graduate nurses and has a passion for assisting new nurses through the transition to practice by utilizing simulation.  
  • Paul Botnen, EMT, simulation technology specialist, works closely with the simulation specialists to prepare the manikins and the environment for the most realistic simulation experience possible. Paul has over 30 year of experience in public safety and is licensed in Minnesota as an EMT, Peace Officer and Power Limited Technician. Paul has extensive experience in training adult learners, and has many instructor certifications including but not limited to CPR, Psychological First Aid, EMT, and EMT Evaluator.
  • Lorelei Noire, Simulation Database Coordinator, supports the simulation center's data, CME and evaluation processes, and generates the simulation center data dashboard.


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