EMR Learning Center

A library of EMR training resources to help you improve your use of Children's EMR. 

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Quickly see how to complete a specific task in the EMR.

All demos and guides are mobile-friendly. Note: Demos cannot be viewed on devices connected to Children's Wi-Fi.

Message Center

Message Center Guide
Set Preferences Demo
Sign, Edit, and Refuse Documents Demo
Use Messages Demo
Use Reminders Demo


Admit a Patient Demo
Allergies Demo
Cross-Campus Transfer Guide
Problem List Demo

Orders/Medications and Plans of Care

 Copy Orders from Previous Encounter Guide
 Discharge Medication Reconciliation Demo
 Favorites (Orders/Prescriptions) Demo
 Favorites (Order Details) Demo
 Order Blood Products Demo
 Order Insulin Demo
Order Medication Demo
Order Restraints Guide
Order TPN: New and Subsequent Demo
Order TPN: Cancel/Reorder Demo
Order TPN: Modify Demo
Order Taper Medication Demo
Order Titrating Infusion Demo 
Prescriptions Demo

Direct Charting

Create a New Document Demo 
Save Time by Creating Auto-Text for Documents Demo
Add an Addendum to a Signed Document Demo
Complete a Saved Document Demo
Modify a Document that was Created in Error Demo
Create a New Document from an Existing Document Demo
Forward Documents for Co-Signature Demo
Print a Document Demo

Viewing and Editing Clinical Data

Custom Patient List Demo
Customize Flowsheet View Guide
Layout and Navigate Summary Pages Demo
Physician Handoff Demo
View Radiology Images (PVWeb) Demo