EMR Learning Center

A library of EMR training resources to help you improve your use of Children's EMR.

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Message Center

Message Center Guide
Sending Attachments To/From MyChildren's Guide
Set Preferences Demo
Sign, Edit, and Refuse Documents Demo
Use Messages Demo
Use Reminders Demo


Admit a Patient Demo
Allergies Demo
Cross-Campus Transfer Guide
Problem List Demo

Orders/Medications and Plans of Care

 Copy Orders from Previous Encounter Guide
 Discharge Medication Reconciliation Demo
 Document Medication by Hx Demo
 Favorites (Orders/Prescriptions) Demo
 Favorites (Order Details) Demo
 Order Blood Products Demo
 Order Insulin Demo
Order IV/PO Titrate Guide
Order Medical Cannabis and Problem List/Alert Process Guide
Order Medication Demo
Order Restraints Guide
Order TPN: New and Subsequent Demo
Order TPN: Cancel/Reorder Demo
Order TPN: Modify Demo
Order Taper Medication Demo
Order Titrating Infusion Demo 
Prescriptions Demo

Direct Charting

Create a New Document Demo 
Save Time by Creating Auto-Text for Documents Demo
Add an Addendum to a Signed Document Demo
Complete a Saved Document Demo
Modify a Document that was Created in Error Demo
Create a New Document from an Existing Document Demo
Forward Documents for Co-Signature Demo
Print a Document Demo

Dragon Speech Recognition

Dragon Tipsheet Guide
DragonBar Guide
Common Dragon Questions Guide
Helpful Verbal Commands Guide
VSync Tips Guide
How to Use the Dragon Dictation Box Guide
How to Create a Custom Command Guide
How to Edit a Custom Command Guide
How to Edit/Copy a Standard Template Guide
How to Correct a Word or Phrase in Dragon Guide
How to Add/Remove a Word to the Dragon Vocabulary Guide
Changing Dragon Toolbar Location Guide
Working Offline with Dragon Guide

Viewing and Editing Clinical Data

Custom Patient List Demo
Customize Flowsheet View Guide
Layout and Navigate Summary Pages Demo
Physician Handoff Demo
View Radiology Images (PVWeb) Demo
Workflow Summary Demo